Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

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Trainers who work with HR Consultants, Managers, and Supervisors can conduct a rich training experience in this course, Conducting Effective Performance Reviews. You’ll teach the reasons why a performance review meeting is such an important aspect of career planning, and that the outcomes of the meeting should be known to the employee and supervisor before the meeting actually takes place.

This online course will help you teach participants:

  • To recognise the importance of having a performance review process for employees.
  • How to work with employees to set performance standards and goals.
  • Skills in observing, giving feedback, listening, and asking questions.
  • An effective interview process and the opportunity to practice the process in a supportive atmosphere.
  • How to make the performance review legally defensible, and much more.

LearnMe’s course ware includes a comprehensive suite of training materials that trainers love. The instructor guide, student workbook, pre-formatted slides, assessments, quick reference guide are all customizable to meet your needs. Get connected and share Conducting Effective Performance Reviews with your students!

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Course Outline

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Performance Appraisals Done Well

  • What are Performance Appraisals?
  • Making Connections
  • Building Trust

Session Three: Errors We Make

  • Three Slippery Areas
  • Making Connections

Session Four: Types of Performance Reviews

  • Choosing What Works
  • Winning Performance Appraisals

Session Five: The Performance Management Process

  • The Four Steps
  • Sample Performance Appraisal Forms

Session Six: Goals with SPIRIT

  • Identifying Dreams and Setting Goals
  • My Dreams and Goals
  • Putting it All Together

Session Seven: The Performance Management Cycle

  • The Four Phases
  • The Basis for Review

Session Eight: Setting Standards

Session Nine: Creating a Performance Development Plan

Session Ten: Feedback and Communication

Session Eleven: Listening Skills

  • Active Listening
  • The Mission: To Listen

Session Twelve: Communication Strategies

  • Basic Skills
  • Probing
  • Non-Verbal Messages
  • Interpretation Exercise

Session Thirteen: Giving Feedback

  • The Importance of Feedback
  • Six Characteristics
  • Case Studies

Session Fourteen: Accepting Criticism

Session Fifteen: Planning the Interview

Session Sixteen: The Interview

  • A Basic Format
  • Preparation

Session Seventeen: Goal Setting Role Play

Session Eighteen: Providing Feedback

Session Nineteen: Coaching

  • The Importance of Coaching
  • Task Preparation

Session Twenty: Appraisal Preparation

Session Twenty-One: The Interview

Session Twenty-Two: Maintaining Performance

Session Twenty-Three: Handling Performance Problems

  • Make the Commitment
  • Behaviour Contracts
  • Recognising Mrs. Stanford

Session Twenty-Four: The Part Where Someone Gets Fired

  • If You Have To Let Them Go…
  • Role Play

Session Twenty-Five: Pre-Assignment Review

Session Twenty-Six: Performance Management Checklists

  • Recommended Reading List
  • Post-Course Assessment
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys
  • Personal Action Plan

Learning online

This course is 100% online. Once enrolling you will receive INSTANT online access to the learning materials, activities and quizzes.

Entry requirements

No prior knowledge is needed to complete this course, however basic computing skills is recommended. You will need access to the Internet. Our courses are compatible with most modern browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I get a certificate for completing the course? A. You will receive a certificate of completion that you can download instantly once you have successfully complete the course..
Q. Can I do the course on my smart phone or tablet? A. The learning material can be accessed from your smart phone or tablet or a PC.
Q. What happens after I click enrol? A. After clicking the enrol button at the top of this page, you will set up your account and password and then you can pay for the course through our secure checkout system or through PayPal. You can then log in and have INSTANT access to the course.
Q. What if I need help while doing the course online? A. Our courses are self paced, user driven courses and are easy to follow and understand. Our support team will be available to assist you should you have trouble accessing your course but are not trained experts on the content of the course and can only provide limited support in course content.
Q. How long do I have to complete the course? A. Each LearnMe online course is available for 365 days from the time of enrolment. Even after you have completed the course you can still go back review the the course as many times as you like within your access period.
Q. What if I have other questions? A. Contact our Support Team.