ICA30111 Certificate III In Information Technology Opens Doors

The Certificate III in Information Technology is one of the most crucial qualifications for any IT student in Australia.

Its significance has been boosted by the fact that the Australian IT industry has recorded substantial growth over the last few years due to the ever-rising demand for new and advanced solutions to various challenges in life. The remarkable expansion and achievement of this industry has also led to additional employment opportunities that require specific qualifications to ensure the success of the company or organisation.

This course is fast becoming a requirement for most IT students in Australia based on its numerous employment opportunities and the potential to advance to further fields of study. With this type of qualification, the chances of lacking a job after graduation are minimal considering the fact that the demand for IT specialists is always increasing every year.

What the ICA30111 Certificate III in Information Technology is all about

The Certificate III in Information Technology is aimed at improving your general knowledge of IT and its related fields. It covers computer operation and systems, software applications, web technologies, software support and networking and digital media technologies. It also provides a suitable platform for further studies in this field such as Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking, Advanced Diploma of Network Security and Diploma of Information Technology Networking. There are currently no prerequisite IT courses required to undertake the ICA30111 studies, however a Cert I or II in IT would certainly be of benefit in providing some foundational knowledge.

Career opportunities

Having a Certificate III in Information Technology gives you an edge above your competitors when looking for employment opportunities in the crowded IT industry. The best thing about this qualification is that it gives you the chance to work in a wide variety of IT-related fields. You can be employed as a technical support officer, help desk technician, ICT technician, PC support officer, IT technician, maintenance technician or as a network administrator. Also, remember that these employment opportunities may vary depending on the streams taken but in general, your career opportunities in the IT industry will be boosted if you have this qualification.

It also provides the best platform for you to work in the 3D animation industry. You can create and design your own characters that will be included in a video game, animation movie or advertisement. With such skills incorporated with graphic design, you cannot fail to find a potential employer in this industry.

The recent economic crisis has made so many people lose their jobs as companies, organizations and even the government try their best to maintain only the most skilled workers. This has led to a higher level of competition and that is why you need advanced education to show that you will be of great importance to that particular company or organization once you are hired. This is the type of advantage that you get when you choose to study for a Certificate III in Information Technology from a reputable institution.

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