ICA20111 Certificate II in Information Technology: An Overview

The ICA20111 Certificate II in information technology is an entry level certification. While earning this certificate, students learn essential computer skills that are valuable in any industry.

ICA20111 Certificate II in Information Technology

After earning the Certificate II in Information Technology, students will have basic computer literacy skills that are somewhat more advanced than those covered by Certificate I.

The skills covered in this course are standard for a variety of careers and positions. Individuals who have earned this certification may be eligible for a range of positions including office assistant or administrative assistant, record assistant, or junior office support roles.

Once a student has earned a Certificate II in Information Technology, they can start applying for jobs immediately, or they can pursue another certification. There is an ICA30111 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology qualification which is a great follow-up to the Certificate II course. There are also numerous other courses and certifications that build on the knowledge learned in the Certificate II courses.

In order to earn the ICA20111 Certificate II in Information Technology, interested students must gain competency in a total of 14 units. Seven units will be earned in core classes while the other seven units will be earned in elective courses.

Core topics for ICA20111 Certificate II in Information Technology

How to participate in the OHS (Occupation Health and Safety) process
How to be involved in environmentally friendly work practices
How to work and communicate well in the Information Technology sphere
How to operate various apps and different types of software
How to use various digital media technology packages
How to correctly use social media

The elective courses include a variety of useful information. Students can opt to learn how to help with camera shoots, how to maintain interactive content, and how to produce and prepare photo images. Students can also study editing of vision and sound images. They can take classes that teach them how to design and create organizational documents using computer software. They can study computer software installation, how to use accounting or basic types of business software, or how to operate databases. They can learn how using industry specific technologies, incorporating Indigenous issues into the IT world, or maintaining inventory though various types of software. Other courses focus on solving routine IT issues or connecting different types of hardware. Still other electives cover detecting SPAM and protecting systems from SPAM, connecting a home wireless network, capturing a digital image, and more.

While earning a Certificate II, a student has the opportunity to learn about all of the topics mentioned in the above paragraphs. However, in order to make these skills marketable, students should also have an assortment of other skills. To increase their chances of being marketable to employers, students should have strong communication skills. They should also have the ability to work with a team of others, great problem solving skills, and the initiative to go above and beyond the tasks at hand. Ideally, students should have the ability to plan and stay organized, a willingness to learn while on the job, and of course, basic technology skills.

The ICA20111 Certificate II in Information Technology is the first step for obtaining a new career in a variety of fields.

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