Why You Need the BSZ to TAE Upgrade


Why would you consider upgrading your qualifications from BSZ to TAE? There are many obvious benefits to an upgrade in qualifications, but let's investigate some of the key factors in why it's worth the time and effort to complete an additional TAE course.

In some cases, you may actually be required to upgrade your qualifications if you wish to continue training. Furthermore, you need to know the newer standards in order to keep your status as a qualified trainer. Fortunately, the process is relatively simple and you may also get a tax deduction depending upon your individual circumstances.

The first thing you should understand about the upgrade from BSZ to TAE is that the newest Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the new standard in obtaining your qualifications as a trainer. If you hope to maintain a position in the training industry, you want to invest in the upgrade. It is especially important when you decide to look for better positions in the industry and want to show that you have the necessary credentials for the job.

 The BSZ to TAE upgrade versus 'equivalent competence'

The BSZ40198 qualification dates back to 1998 and was superseded by TAA40104 in 2004. A BSZ to TAE upgrade is therefore highly advisable due to the age of this qualification and the difficulties that most RTO's will encounter with the pressure to demonstrate equivalent competencies to the TAE40110 for those trainers who hold older certifications. Generally, undertaking the simple RPL assessment to upgrade to the latest training and assessment standard is the easiest way to ensure you are current and qualified to train.

Of course, your past training experience and previous BSZ qualification do count for something so when it comes to obtaining your TAE40110 Cert IV Training and Assessment qualification you shouldn't have to start again from scratch. When you enrol for an RPL you will have an opportunity to provide evidence of the skills and knowledge your past experience affords you. The process involves putting together a portfolio of evidence for a TAE40110 trainer to review. If they feel the portfolio shows evidence for all required areas, the qualification will be given. Alternatively, you might be asked to supply additional evidence, or complete additional learning and assessment materials for any units which are identified as gaps in the RPL process. Once you have completed your training, you will have the ability to move forward within your industry or show that you have the qualifications to be a lecturer at an Australian TAFE.

When you decide to upgrade to the TAE40110, you are demonstrating that you have the competence needed to perform within the VET industry. If you hold the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you can rest assured that you have the current qualifications needed and are compliant for any upcoming audits that may occur within your training organisation. Why put it off any longer – enrol today for a simple BSZ to TAE upgrade.

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