4 Pathways to TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Certificate IV Training and Assessment

There is just one TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification, but there are certainly many ways to achieve it. In this article we explore some of the options on offer.

The TAE40110 qualification is a mandatory certification for anyone aiming for a position in vocational training. It is also, to an increasing extent, found to be the required standard for specialists in human resources, especially those whose roles involve assessment or workplace learning. The program is becoming highly sought after, as it will equip candidates with the resources, knowledge and skills to design and conduct training courses across a wide range of business and industry contexts.

TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment options for those with no previous training qualifications

The basic training for the Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification, for those with no prior training qualifications, can take two alternative routes, depending on the student's current situation. The fastest route is the Fast-track class pathway, targeted at students who are, or have previously been, employed in any kind of workplace training situation. This pathway allows them to participate in a fun set of classes that will have them gaining hands-on experience in designing and delivering training as well as assessing students and learning the technicalities of the VET industry.

The alternative pathway is for students who are not currently working, or never have worked, in an environment where they are involved with learners. This is the flexi course which teaches students from whoa-to-go the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become a trainer and assessor. The flexi course is also ideal for students who want to fit their study around their lifestyle and career requirements or for those who like to dig deep into the subject material and progress at their own pace.

Options for those with existing training qualifications

An alternative process in obtaining Certificate IV Training and Assessment, for those with existing experience and/or qualifications, is RPL, or Recognition of Prior Learning. This is an assessment-only process, whereby candidates are able to submit an evidence portfolio to demonstrate their competence. The RPL process is available either for the whole of Certificate IV Training and Assessment, or for individual units, according to the amount of evidence the candidate can gather. Students who have a teaching qualification will generally find they are suited to undertaking the RPL process, as are those with an older training qualification.

There are also a number of students who hold the TAA40104, the equivalent qualification which was launched in 2004 and which has been superseded by the TAE40110. Those who hold this qualification and want to upscale to the newer qualification can obtain an upgrade assessment. They will be required to submit a CV showing the training activities in which they have been involved, and the professional development they have undertaken, and this should be accompanied by some referee reports. To complete their upgrade they will also need to answer some interview questions concerning their experience and the progress they have made in their profession.

Anyone who obtains the Certificate IV Training and Assessment is almost guaranteed to find that it opens the door to a wide range of careers in management and in the vocational education sector. This sector is forecast to experience rapid growth in the next decade, as increasing numbers of Australians seek to upgrade or improve their skills. Undertaking the TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment program can be one of the best possible career investments.


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